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Sep 24, 2010 9:00pm PDT
, provoking a strong and highly criticized military response from russia. the situation heightened tensions between russia and the west. how will russia's interactions with its neighbors affect u.s. calls to reset relations with moscow? >> russia will not be a success if it deludes itself into thinking that it can reconstruct its former empire. >> as former soviet satellite countries move closer to the west, is russia aiming to start a new chapter in what was once called, "the great game"? next, on great decisions. >> in a democracy agreement is not essential, but participation is. join us as we discuss today's most critical global issues. join us for great decisions. >> great decisions is produced by the foreign policy association- inspiring americans to learn more about the world. funding for great decisions is provided by the carnegie corporation of new york, the starr foundation, shell international, and the european commission. great decisions is produced in association with the university of delaware. >> and now from our studios, here is ralph begleiter. >> welcome to great decisions.
Sep 23, 2010 12:00pm PDT
>> rose: welcome to our program. tonight, the foreign minister of russia, sergey lavrov. >> i was certainly enjoying russian-american relations. we enjoyed a period of very important renaissance i would say, and the several summit which is presidents medvedev and obama had clearly established our agenda and last june in washington they agreed that we all must pay much more attention to economy, to economic cooperation, to investment cooperation, innovation projects. and, you know, the economic foundation of our partnership is not very solid. it's about $30 sml a years which which is peanuts compared to what the u.s. has with china, with the european union. but the potential is huge. >> rose: and we conclude with one of the most interesting entrepreneurs in all of china, he is jack ma. his company is alled alibaba. >> core competence of our companies, we have 20,000, grow from 18 people, now 20,000 people. and we focus a lot on the making sure the culture, everybody works for helping others instead of just making money. and we believe different from wall street, we believe customer
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, shareholder three? >> yes, again, this is my religion. >> rose: russia and the world, china and technology when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: president obama came to office promising to reset relations with russia. he and russian president dmitry medvedev appeared to form a personal bond. they have since signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty-- now waiting to be ratified by the u.s. senate. russia, a long-time ally of iran voted for a fourth round of sanctions last june. russia is today talking about economic cooperation, innovation and building partnerships. the face of russia's foreign policy is sergey lavrov. he has been foreign minister since 2004. before that he was russia's ambassador to the united nations. i spoke with him earlier today in the security council chamber at the u.n. here is that conversation. welcome. >> thank you. nice to be here, mr. rose. >> rose: you wrote a piece in "russian global affairs" in july 2010, sort of outlining how you saw sort of the new world order, to use a h
Sep 22, 2010 7:00am EDT
corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> united states, canada, and russia stake their claim. we find out how much is up for grabs. no one wants to be left out. >> within the next 20 years, there will be no ice here, which means this could become an extremely his busy shipping lane. >> welcome to gmt. i am jonathan charles. why is a larry summers stepping down? president obama's most senior economic adviser will go weeks until the election. another blow for the american president. the ban on openly gay men and women in the u.s. military stays in place. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and night will soon be falling in parts of the arctic. the latest battleground in the fight to exploit the world resources. politicians are meeting in moscow to discuss this. canada, the united states, russia, and some scandinavian countries are trying to assert their rights. in a moment, we'll hear the view from canada and norway. >> a record-breaking voyage by russian ships this summer through the shrinking size of the arctic sea. shrinking -- ice of the arcti
Sep 5, 2010 10:00am EDT
biggest foreign investner russia. that made him a target. he got out alive but one of his loyal left tenants was not as lucky. then we hear so much about the entrepreneurial class in china. but who are they? well, i'll introduce to you a woman who went from working in sweat shops to working in goldman sachs and now is one of the richest women in china, her wealth said to be on par with oprah winfrey's. >>> and finally, have you ever actually met a jihadi? we'll introduce to you one today on a recent trip to london, i met a man who not rest until islamic law is the law of the world and who glorifies the terrorists who killed thousands on 9/11. another can't miss conversation. let's get started. >>> what we have for you now is an extraordinary story. hundreds of millions of dollars stolen. fingers pointed at top government officials. torture, abuse, death. and that's just the beginning of what sounds like a best selling thriller. but tragically, it is actually real life. and at the center of it all is our guest wilyak browder. he runs hermitage capital management, once the largest fore
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
incident. in japanese territorial waters off the senkaku islands. >>> russia's president, with the latest at this hour. >>> russia's president dmitry medvedev is reported to be planning to visit russian-held sakhalin islands north of hokkaido claimed by japan. sources linked to the russian presidential executive office and the provincial authorities told nhk that medvedev could arrive on the islands as early as wednesday. it would be the first ever visit to the disputed islands by a russian or former soviet leader. sources in moscow familiar with japan-russian information say there is no information on his plans. the president is currently visiting china. on monday, medvedev and the chinese president issue add joint statement to mark the 65th anniversary of their country's victory over japan. in july, medvedev administration designated september 2nd as the end of world war ii day. it was on that date that japan signed a surrender document in 1945. medvedev's visit will be seen as reinforcing russia's position that the islands became russian territory as a result of world war ii. >>
Sep 23, 2010 6:30pm EDT
by 2035. it does look like good cop, bad cop on a global scale. yesterday, russia was claiming almost half a million square kilometers of territory and insisting its national interest would come first. today prime minister putin insisted all disputes could be resolved through negotiation. this is making oil and mineral exploration viable and hugely contention -- contentious. richard galpin reports. >> countries are bracing for control of this potentially rich -- bracing for control of this potentially rich area. this goes to the north pole. submarines are diving to the seabed. at this conference in moscow, aid to have brought together officials and experts -- aides have brought together officials and experts to talk about cooperation instead of competition. despite russia's aggressive moves in the arctic, the prime minister reinforces the call for dialogue. >> of course, we are serious where our economic interests to meet. i have no doubt our problems can be resolved in the spirit of partnership and dialogue within the framework of international law. >> delegates also heard appeals fo
Sep 22, 2010 2:30pm PDT
accessible as global warming melts more and more arctic ice. russia is claiming almost half of a million square miles of extra territory. several others have staked a claim. the moscow conference is intended to build cooperation but the competition is so fierce, some people fear another cold war. >> a record breaking voyage through the shrinking size of the arctic sea. this, the largest oil tanker to be taken to the northeast package -- to be taken to the pacific ocean. a new, faster route for russian energy exploits. we were taken on board the nuclear-powered icebreaker, which had led the way. the russians, keen to publicize how quickly they are exploiting the effects of climate change in the arctic. >> at the moment this and the other icebreakers are meant to deliver safely through the northeast package. over the next 20 years there will be no ice at all. this could become an extremely busy shipping lane. part of the ambitious plan for the arctic. three years ago these many submarines made an epic dive down to the sea bed at the north pole to plot the russian flag. at stake in the arct
Sep 7, 2010 2:30pm PDT
minister again for another -- is russians -- is russia's prime minister hoping for another stint as president? hello to you. hundreds of thousands of protesters have been on the streets of france, demonstrating their anger at government austerity measures. they are rallying in support of a 24-hour national strike. french unions are opposed to plans that would raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, although that is not much when compared with europe. from there, christian fraser. >> all eyes fixed on the departure board today. it delayed trains, missed appointments. two-thirds of the people in the country say they support the action of the unions. >> what is happening now -- we need to strike against reform, everything happening at the moment. i agree completely. >> 2 million are expected to take to the streets in our around 190 towns and cities across the country. not everyone is on strike, but it takes some ingenuity to get to work. >> usually and take public transport, but today it will have to be with my rollerblades. >> is the government's proposal to raise the retirement age t
Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm PDT
, is preserved. >>> russia's president is reporting to be visiting russian held islands north of japan. the provincial authorities told nhk that medvedev could arrive on the islands as early as wednesday. it would be the first ever visit to the disputed islands by a russian or former soviet leader. sources in moscow familiar with japan/russia relations say there is no information to medvedev's plan. the president is currently visiting china of on monday, medvedev and president hu jintao issued a statement over their country's victory over japan. in july, they designated september 2nd as the end of world war ii. it was on that date japan signed a surround document in 1945. medvedev's visit will be seen as reinforcing russia's position that the islands became russian territory as a result of world war ii. >>> a senior u.s. diplomat has praised japan's prime minister, naoto kan, over a handling over the recent chinese dispute over the senkako islands. >> mr. kan has dealt with this issue in a very statesman-like fashion. >> u.s. assistant secretary of state campbell made the stateme
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
called for a world without nuclear weapons. the u.s. and russia controlled 90% of the nuclear weapons and most of the nuclear materials. president obama was joined by the rest of the members of the security council in agreeing to negotiate a treaty ending production of volatile material for nuclear purposes and to work -- fissile material for weapon purposes and to work toward fulfilling article 6 of the nuclear treaty. it calls for nuclear weapons disbarment -- disarmament. you will hear from our colleague from the u.n. this afternoon on that important subject, and others. the nuclear agenda continues to move in 2010. in april, president obama and president mmiff if -- mid did give me did you -- medvedyev affirmed their commitment. if ratified by the united states senate, which is likely to occur this year, and ratified by the russian federal assembly, the treaty will reestablish american and russian leadership and cooperation on nuclear efforts. they reaffirmed the debarked largest -- the two largest nuclear powers are dedicated to reducing their own nuclear arsenals. it will also p
Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm PDT
ice. where she is claiming almost one-half of 1 million square miles, -- russia is claiming almost one-half of 1 million square miles, and others of asa state a claim. competition is so fierce -- and others have also staked a claim. competition is so fierce, some worry about a war. >> russia is bidding to dominate but the arctic as the ice melts -- russia is hoping to dominate, the arctic -- dominate the arctic. oil and gas. we were taken on board a nuclear-powered icebreaker, which had led the way, just before the final leg of their journey. the russians, keen to publicize how quickly they are exploiting the effects of climate change here in the arctic. at the moment, this and the other icebreakers are needed to escort the cargo ship safely, but according to many predictions, within the next 20 years, there will be no ice here at all, which means this could become a very busy shipping lane. russian icebreakers have also been moving towards the north pole. this expedition three years ago reinforcing the russian claim to an ex arctic territory -- to annex arctic territory, planting
Sep 27, 2010 2:30pm PDT
freezing its west bank settlements. once the closest political allies and then fears foes, russia and china does mark a new era in their economic relationship. russia has agreed to sell some of its vast energy reserves to me china's hugely growing demand. in beijing today, the president's celebrated together the completion of a new pipeline between siberia and china. >> china and russia share strong mutual interest. biggests the world's energy supplier and china is the biggest consumer. when the two countries' leaders met, had much to talk about. they have found a range of agreements on energy cooperation. china wants more resources to fuel its economic growth. president dimitry medvedev's visit coincided with the completion of a oil pipeline between the two countries. >> both sides have placed highly the pipeline and we will continue to stick to the principles of openness, mutual benefit and the progress of cooperation in the areas of trade, energy, finance, legislation and high-tech industries. >> aside from oil, russia is eyeing opportunities to sell gas in china. russia wants to d
Sep 7, 2010 6:30pm EDT
, comfortable, in command. all of this is feeding speculation that russia's prime minister would like another go at his old job as president. >> vladimir putin has not spent much time in office lately. russia's prime minister has been busy bear watching. he has been taking it skin samples from whales. and fighting forest fires from the air. images that feed into his reputation as the action and of politics. but the next presidential election a year and a half away, could this activity be the start of a campaign? >> is put more like to become president -- if proven would like to become president, i cannot think why he would not. he is realistically it very, very popular in russia. people love vladimir putin. he is funny, raising hell. they like him. that is what they expect from him. >> in contrast, russia's president, dmitry medvedev, is rather less flamboyant. there are signs that his prime minister is grabbing the limelight and tension is growing between the two men who run russia. >> he definitely does not want the prime minister to come back. they are thinking what would he do. fo
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm EDT
energy producer meets the world's fastest growing energy market. russia and china signed an oil and gas field. and the hills could soon be alive with the sound of skiing. this picturesque spot in georgia is on people's minds. hello. on the face of it, it is just an official announcement of a military appointment, but in north korea, very little is routine, and the latest news from state media looks significant. kim jong il -- kim jong-un has been given the rank of military general. this is one of the a few photographs of him. he is thought to be in his 20's. in any seat strong signs he is about to be anointed -- many see strong signs he is about to be anointed. from neighboring south korea, we have this report. in atm the train's coming you and immaculate john young central station to the choreographed uniformity -- immaculate pyongyang central station to be choreographed uniformity. these are the pictures that north korea was the world to say. the city getting ready for a very significant event indeed. the last major party gathering was it 1980, 30 years ago. that meeting saw kim j
Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm PDT
international community but little has happened. now russia, china, britain, france, germany, and the u.s. say they're ready to engage with iran and will take practical steps to achieve a solution as soon as possible. countries fear that iran may be enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. although it has consistently denied this. a bomb attack and western iran has killed at least 10 people and left dozens injured. the blast occurred on the northwestern city during a military parade marking the 30th anniversary of the start of the iran/iraq war. the victims were reportedly mostly women and children who had been spectators. iranian media officials blaming kurdish separatists for the blast. the german military says one of its special forces units as captured a taliban commander in northern afghanistan. malawi is suspected of being a regional taliban military leader and a leading member of the taliban's shadow administration. the says no one was injured during the capture. just above a year under germany's last parliamentary election, voters said they do things pretty differently than
Sep 20, 2010 6:30pm PDT
expected which lead to russia introducing a two season export ban on wheat and even food riots in mozambique. but is the situation really that bad and what is the outlook for the long term? >>reporter: at the start of august, the russian government banned all exports of wheat until the end of the year. the price, already at a two-year high jumped eight per-cent in one day but news the ban was being extended to the end of 2011 sparked a much smaller rise as much as the market had expected are prolonged export freeze by russia. >>hind: it added fuel to the fire that was already taking place in the grain market caused in largepart by the fact that russia has experiencing significant drought along with other parts of centraland eastern europe, and indeed climate conditions elsewhere in the world, and it has also created asituation where one of the cheapest sources of grain available to the world market has been suspended. >>reporter: russia stands to lose around 15 billion dollars or 1 percent of its gdp from grain losses this year, with its export share falling from 15% to just 2.5%.
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT
growing energy needs. russia will provide anything from coal to renewable energy. medvedev and his chinese counterpart also celebrated the completion of a new pipeline which will carry oil directly from russia into china. >> the first oil pipeline from russia into china is now complete. workers have made the final weld's between the two stretches of pipeline at the border. it is important for russia especially, which is trying to reduce its dependence on european energy customers. >> this project? the partnership between our nations and our corporation much stronger. it is looking into the future. it is mutually beneficial. i am sure it will be of great use to both our countries. >> russia can now ship up to 100 million barrels a year from siberia to china. gas from would like to sell natural gas to -- gazprom would like to sell natural gas to china as well after the trouble it has had with transit companies in europe. >> it makes sense for gazprom from a political standpoint. it could show europe that it could sell its gas products elsewhere. >> but a gas deal could still be a way off. ch
Sep 4, 2010 6:15pm EDT
imagine that, but they come out smelling like a rose. china and russia -- this is a blueprint for a crisis in the future. we're going to have crisis and war on the peninsula again. we know where china and russia are going and it is not to support the alliance. >> you would certainly shoot a torpedo if you thought you could get away with it. there are people who shot -- in our country who still question who shot president kennedy and president lincoln. i do not put much stock in a conspiracy. until i see more evidence, the north koreans get the credit for that action. question? on the end, sir. >> i am from nasa. -- national and space intelligence center. i would like to propose -- has south korea considered using the chinese economic investment in north korea as a tool for unification? have they taken that perspective. -- perspective? so far, it seems like the united states involvement has led to the status quo of a divided peninsula. we have seen moves from south korea like this reunification tax where they're starting to address the issues, trying to help the failed states that --
Sep 24, 2010 7:00am EDT
. food prices around the world are rising. >> russia harvested a lot less, and it planted a lot less than it should have for the 2011 harvest. >> the u.n. holds a food summit in rome to calm fears in the world's poorest countries. >> welcome to gmt. also in the program -- the first woman to be executed in the united states for five years. teresa lewis is put to death. 50 days underground. the trapped miners in chile mark a milestone as the operation to get them out gathers momentum. >> it is midday in london and 1:00 p.m. in rome, where the united nations is holding an extraordinary summit after weeks of spiralling food prices. the origins of that spike lie in russia. after drought and wild fires, the russians proposed a ban in exports. now, a two-year high. it has prompted fears of hunger and unrest in some of the world's poorest countries. is there really a shortage, or are profiteers manipulating the market? >> first, there were those parched russian wheat fields. then, a climate emergencies elsewhere. some say this was due to hedge funds. either way, crop specialists tell us the
Sep 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
strategic positions of russia. to date, there have not been any practical proposals. our goal is to engage in consultation and move forward, so shaping such proposals so that they can be acceptable for the official authorities. we do have certain proposals and we're heaping to coordinate them and put them in our final documents. the issue of continued equipment on nuclear weapon cuts between the u.s. and russia is closely linked with cooperation between the two nations and the leading european nations on developing, deploying and jointly using an a.b.m. system. it will make sense to discuss ways of eliminating the differences that remain in this field. to begin with, it is worth reviewing and bringing back to life a positive experience in that cooperation that we had until 2008. and to resume joint and -- joint a.b.m. exercises and take first steps toward integrating relevant information systems. je first steps towards integra for many years now the iranian and north korean nuclear crises have been smoldering issues of the nonproliferation regime and there is a general understanding
Sep 9, 2010 6:00pm PDT
in a car bombing in russia. more than 100 people were injured, some of them in critical condition. the blast took place in a busy market, located in a christian era that of the north caucasus region. a suicide bomber carried out the attack using a car packed with explosives. >> it looks like the bomber's intent was to kill and maim as many people as possible. the morning market was packed when the blast happened. many survivors of the bombing are still suffering from shock. >> there was a blast in the streets, but we did not seek to set it off. where are the ambulances? >> there was an explosion. it was a terrorist attack. >> one of the victims was a woman on her doorstep. this is what they pulled out of her leg. >> the police cordoned off the bomb blast area, fearful of a second attack. news of the explosion at spread quickly. people rushed to find out if their relatives were among the dead and injured. russia's president has described the bombing as monstrous. >> we will do everything in our power to find and punish them. in accordance with russian law. in the case of resistance
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
, russia, north korea, and other countries are participating. 20 north korean companies have put their products on display, which include dried processed seafood as well as medicines and cosmetics that contain korean ginseng. in a siymposium held at the sam venue a north korean trade ministry official expressed hope that his country could boost trade with china and other asian nations in order to promote economic development. chang chun has been in the news recently after north korean leader i kim jong-il visited the city last month to meet chinese president hu jintao. the two leaders discussed the need to increase economic exchanges. >>> the russian fisheries agency chief paid a visit to one of four russian-held islands claimed by japan. russia's federal fisheries agency says that andrei krainy started a two-day trip on thursday to etorofu island off hokkaido, northern japan. the agency says the chief inspected a fishery processing plant on the first day and will board a fishing boat on friday. before starting his tour krainy said the four islands are russian territory and will
Sep 17, 2010 2:30pm PDT
wanted by russia for kidnapping and murder. this dates from the first chechnya war in the 1990's. >> he was aware of the warnings from the polish authorities they may rest him. he did not believe it would happen. he was escorted to the polish prosecutors office. he was prominent in the chechnya war that started in the mid 1990's. first as a fighter and then a member of the government. he is a wanted man in russia. he is accused of being behind several attacks in russia. he has always denied charges against him. they have lots of support among those he was due to meet in poland. >> he was legally taking part of the resistance of his country. you have the same thing in this country. he was doing his duty to sort things out. >> the timing might be important when you consider the relations between poland and russia. months ago dmitry medvedev was in poland to attend dave president of the -- attended the funeral of the late president. they may find there is not enough evidence to send him in moscow's direction. he may be a free man once again. that is for the courts to decide. >> a bu
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 3:00am EDT
tabacci. mother russia never says no to booze and a bottle, but it is now their national motto. since both vices are taxed, the russian prime minister is urging his country to party for patriotism. says the hern block head, quote, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes, you giving more to help solve social problems such as boosting demographics and developing other social services and upholding birth rates. those who drink. -- those who drink, those who smoke are doing more to help the state. we go now live to peeping tom catski. what do you have for us my furry comrade? >> great stuff as usual peeping tom cats ky. in the era of the nanny state that we experienced in america and in england, isn't it refreshing to hear a national leader, a world leader tell you to drink and smoke more? >> i'm completely foreign, as you would imagine. of course i'm in favor of it. this is true. in britain where we have a national health service which has saved my life once, and it stopped me from going blind when i was five years old. >> have to get started soon. >> and it is a wonderful thing in many ways,
Sep 3, 2010 1:00pm EDT
russia normalized relations. we are supposed to celebrate this. we have the first meeting between our presidents. there was some kind of technical problems. you understand that. those are supposed to be held one year apart. one day from that, and of the delegations were ready to go to north korea. but they had to go back home, wait one more day. they had technical problems. we knew what was the technical problem. there was a banking problem. the money that was supposed to be delivered to north rio was not. they said, wait a minute. we cannot allow you to come to the north until we verify that. that was a technical problem. therefore, the year 2010 is the 100th anniversary of the blah, blah, blah. [laughter] we were supposed to have a very good year this year. there are positives. there are some. they are all gone due to bthe cheonan incident. i just want to make some points the north korea has been a factor in security from the very start. we seem to forget that we have them at the time. and then, after the third cheonan, meaning the skinking of the cheonan was a turning point in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 596 (some duplicates have been removed)